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Welcome to the Website of the Danish Leonberger Club - in Danish called Dansk Leonberger Klub or in short DLK.
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16-Mar-2012 Teeth card - word-format
Teeth card - pdf-format
Breeding book 2010
Breeding book 2009
Breeding book 2008
Breeding book_2000-2007
Breeding book 1997-1999

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DLK Summer Club Show

Reersø Camping
Skansevej 2, DK-4281 Gørlev

Sunday 18'th of June

Hans Erik Pedersen, Denmark

Latest entry 05'th of June
via Hundeweb

IULH Championship
24'th June
Kristiansand, Norway

Additional information
DLK Show

Egtved hallen
Hjelmdrupvej 13
6040 Egtved

2'nd of April
As announced in the magazine, the club wants to update its member informations.
The site for the update is now ready and can be accessed on the provided link.
In case you have lost the link, you can get it by contakting or

LPPN3 announcement
from 'University of Bern'

Additional information
Breedingrestrictions for 2013 (updated)

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Points 2023
14-Apr-23Show Calendar 2023
14-Jan-23Classes and fees
17-Jul-22Titles 2022 and 2021
13-Jun-22The old dogs
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